Database connectivity

Vibe.d makes it easy to access databases in your backend services. MongoDB and Redis support come directly with vibe.d, other database adaptors can be found on


Access to MongoDB is modelled around the class MongoClient. The implementation doesn't have external dependencies and is implemented using vibe.d's asynchronous sockets - no need to block if the connection has some latency.

auto client = connectMongoDB("");
auto users = client.getCollection("users");


Redis support is implemented with vibe.d sockets as well and doesn't have external dependencies. Central to the implementation is the RedisDatabase class which allows to run commands against a Redis server. There are also convenience wrappers available, like RedisList which allows to transparently access a list stored in Redis.


MySQL support without external dependencies to the official MySQL library can be added using the mysql-native project. It supports vibe.d non-blocking sockets too.


A full-featured Postgresql client is implemented with the external module dpq2 that is based on the official libpq library. It uses vibe.d's event system to implement asynchronous behaviour.

Another alternative for Postgresql is ddb which implements a Postgresql client with vibe.d sockets and no external dependencies.

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