Uniform Function Call Syntax (UFCS)

UFCS is a key feature of D and enables code reusability and scalability through well-defined encapsulation.

UFCS allows any call to a free function fun(a) to be written as a member function call a.fun().

If a.fun() is seen by the compiler and the type doesn't have a member function called fun(), it tries to find a global function whose first parameter matches that of a.

This feature is especially useful when chaining complex function calls. Instead of writing


It is possible to write


Moreover in D it is not necessary to use parentheses for functions without arguments, which means that any function can be used like a property:

import std.uni : toLower;
"D rocks".toLower; // "d rocks"

UFCS is especially important when dealing with ranges where several algorithms can be combined to perform complex operations, making it easier to write clear and manageable code.

import std.algorithm : group;
import std.range : chain, retro, front, dropOne;
[1, 2].chain([3, 4]).retro; // 4, 3, 2, 1
[1, 1, 2, 2, 2].group.dropOne.front; // tuple(2, 3u)


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